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If you’re looking for adoptable pets or a lost pet, click

 View Adoptable Pets or View Lost Pets tab.


You do not need to create an account to view our shelter pets online.


We currently prefer adoption appointments, however walk-ins are allowed


To set up an appointment call our office at 810-984-3155, leave a message with your name and contact number or email us at animalcontrol@stclaircounty.org. 


You can buy your tags by walk-in, mail, using our outside drop box (include a copy of your rabies certificate) or through the online portal (upload a copy of your rabies certificate).



Male and Female Dogs (Non-Sterilized)

 1 Year License                                                       $22.00

 3 Year License                                                       $65.00


Male and Female Dogs (Spayed/Neutered)

1 Year License                                                        $12.00

3 Year License                                                        $35.00


Late Fee                                                                  $25.00

(Late Fee in addition to annual license fee if license is not purchased within thirty (30) days of expiration date or rabies vaccination date)


Online Purchases - PLEASE do not click “pay” more than one time on the portal.


FIRST TIME USERS WITH PREVIOUS OR EXISTING DOG LICENSE IN THE HOUSEHOLD – Obtain your Setup Code from your License Renewal Form and click on “Quick Account Setup”.  If you do not have a License Renewal Form or Setup Code, contact our office and one will be provided to you. 


·         Click on “Accountsetup”

·         Enter your information with the account setup code from your paperwork

·         Follow online instructions




·         Select”login”

·         Create account

·         Receive email with code

·         Click on “login” on our website again

·         Enter email, password and account code from email

·         Follow online instructions

Do you have a quick account setup code? Click here

Login or create an account? Click here.

Welcome to our Adoptable Pets!  To see our adoptable Cats or Dogs make sure to select the correct species from the drop down list below.

Adoption Fees:

Dogs $120.00               Cats  $75.00


Adoption Fees include:

·       Spay/neuter

·       Age appropriate vaccinations and health tests

·       Microchip

·       Current license for dogs 

Search criteria
Species Gender Age Size



Notify our office at 810-984-3155


Post on Port Huron Craigslist under “Lost and Found                      

Facebook under “For the Love of Louie

Facebook under “Blue Water Pets – Lost and Found             

Post flyers in neighborhoods and local businesses 

Contact neighbors, mail carriers, local newspapers and radio stations     

Contact your Microchip Company


Contact local Humane Societies and Shelters:

Humane Society of St. Clair County

6177 Fred W. Moore Hwy, 810-329-7627



Blue Water Area Humane Society

6266 Lapeer Rd., 810-987-4357


File a Pet Amber Alert: wwwpetamberalert.com



Search criteria
Species Gender Age Size


          Frequently Asked License Questions

1.       When do I need to get a dog a license?

By State Law all dogs age 4 months or older must be licensed for a term of one or three years with a valid rabies for the term of the licnese

2.        What paperwork do I need to obtain a dog license?

Current Rabies Certificate from a Certified Veterninarian that covers the term of the license being purchased and payment in full

3.       What is the cost to license my dog?

One Year Sterlized $12   One Year UnSterlized $22

Three Year Sterlized $35  Three Year Unsterlzied $65

4.       Where can I obtain a license?

·         By Mail PO BOX 611233 Port Huron MI 48061

·         Online: www.stclaircounty.org/animal

·         In-Person:  County Treasurer,  County Animal Control, or Local Tax Offices; Marysille, Memphis, Berlin, Casco, Clay, Columbus, Grant, Mussey, Riley, Wales


5.       Are there penalties for failure to license?

Yes, if a dog goes unlicesed beyond 30 days of when the license expires a $25 may apply and additional court fines and fees would apply to any dog that is processed through Animal Control


6.       How do I notify Animal Control if my dog passes away or is no longer in my care?

Email any changes to dogtags@stclaircounty.org


7.       Can I receive a refund on my license?

There are no refunds once a license has been issued


8.       Can I get a replacement if my license is lost?

Yes an owner can notify dogtags@stclaircounty.org to get a replacement tag for the remainder of the current license term


9.       Who can I contact if I have a question about my license?

The fastest repsonse is through email to our dogtags@stclaircounty.org  or you may call our licensing voicemail line at 810-989-6999 ext 6120 and leave a message


County Board Approved

Licensing Fees


1 year License

3 year License

Non-sterilized dogs



Sterilized dogs



Late Fee

$25.00 in addition to License Fee

$25.00 in addition to License Fee

Puppy License-

Required by 7 months of age

No proof of sterilization needed



County Transfer (Proof of Current License Required)

Free within 30 days of transfer


Certified Service Dog



Replacement of Lost Tag




A current rabies vaccination certificate signed by a veterinarian is required to purchase a license.  To purchase a 3 year dog license there must be a valid three year rabies vaccination provided at time of purchase.



Dog licenses will expire on the rabies vaccination/expiration date.  Licenses are required to be renewed within 30 days of the expiration date.  Late fees will be applied if not purchased within 30 days of expiring.



Dog license renewal notices will be sent to the pet owner’s email address on file.  Expect the renewals to arrive at least 30 days before the license will expire.  Customers without an email address on file will receive their notice by US Postal Mail.



Proof of a current rabies vaccination is required to purchase a license.  Please provide your rabies vaccination document at time of purchase.



Licenses can be purchased through our website, by mail or in person at the below locations.


St. Clair County Animal Control

St. Clair County Treasurer's Office

3378 Griswold Rd.
Port Huron, MI 48060
(810) 984-3155

200 Grand River Ave. Suite 101
Port Huron, MI 48060

City and Township Treasurer

City of Marysville

City of Memphis

Berlin Twp

Casco Twp

Clay Twp

Columbus Twp

Grant Twp

Mussey Twp

Riley Twp

Wales Twp

In order to purchase a dog license at a City or Township Office, the dog must already have the dog licensed in a previous year, and a copy of your renewal notice and Rabies Certificate from a licensed Veterinary are required.

Licenses can be purchased year around at either location online through our website or you can

print out this form and mail it in with your payment payable to SCC Animal Control.




St. Clair County Animal Control



Located at:                                                                             

3378 Griswold Rd.

Port Huron, Mi 48060


Phone:     (810) 984-3155

Fax:          (810) 984-3156


Email:  animalcontrol@stclaircounty.org


License Questions or Updates: dogtags@stclaircounty.org



Hours of operation


Office hours

Mon, Tues, Wed, Thur, Fri

8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Saturday / Sunday


We are also closed on major holidays.

In case of emergency,please contact Central Dispatch at (810) 985-8115


Shelter / Adoption hours

Mon, Tues,Wed, Thur, Fri

10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Saturday / Sunday


We are also closed on major holidays.













Join Our Team!


If you have a passion for animals and are looking to make a difference, St. Clair County Animal Control needs your help!  We have a number of volunteer opportunities that include:


ü Dog Walking

ü Socializing Cats

ü Helping with the Adoption Process

ü Coordinating and Assisting with Adoption and Fundraising Events

ü And Much More!



ü All volunteers are required to submit to a background check

ü Please bring a copy of your driver’s license

ü We are currently only accepting volunteers age 18 and over


To inquire as to how to become a volunteer or for questions please call Animal Control at 810-984-3155




We often get inquiries of items that can be donated to our shelter. 


Below is a list of items that are very helpful to our shelter. 


Some items donated are made available to our adoption families when taking home a new pet. 


Other items are used to help keep our shelter clean.


Wish List

Laundry Soap (liquid)


Gently used Blankets and Towels

Dog and Cat Food

Dog and Cat Treats

Dog and Cat Toys

Kitty Litter (non-clumping)


Wee Wee Pads

Latex Gloves

Any Cleaning Supplies

Collars & Leashes (all sizes)

Flea Medications (spot-on type)


Monetary Donations for medical care can be made in person or

Via PayPal at: